Our Story

Scott and Jonni JonesBiscuits, Burgers, & Yogurt, yep, that’s what BB&Y stands for. Now BB&Y Café and Catering LLC, we were founded in 1988 by Nick and Jonni Jones. The original location was at the base of the Wells Fargo Tower in downtown Raleigh on Fayetteville St. Mall across from the old Theatre and beside the old Wendy’s. We started out making biscuits for breakfast sandwiches, bread for the hand pattied burgers, and served a variety of frozen custard style yogurts. When the tower was set to be built we relocated to the corner of S. Wilmington and Harget St. across from Moore Square Station. At this point our menu went through an extensive makeover, hence shortening the name to BB&Y. We left Downtown Raleigh in the mid 1990’s as BB&Y had already begun its run in the Glenwood Place office center in the Caswell building. This location was open for over 25 years and will be missed, but due to circumstances beyond our control, the building being scheduled for demolition, we were in search of new place to operate our business out of.

Now our new home is in Brier Creek. It’s a fantastic location to operate the catering side of the business, enabling our footprint to expand as we can now conveniently extend business luncheons and events to Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh. For this new, amazing opportunity we are indeed grateful.

We take pride in preparing top notch food here, a nice mix of Italian and American cuisine, with a long list of made from scratch entrees, even down to our own seasoning, Uncle Nick’s Secret. It’s desirable home style comfort food, something like you may see in the dining room at Grandma’s house. From the different daily plate specials we run each month, which can be checked weekly on the website, to the fantastic specialty sandwiches on our homemade bread, you will always find something pleasing to the pallet when you dine with us. With so many types of casseroles to pick from, lasagnas, pasta bakes, fresh salads, delicious grilled choices i.e. the different Philly’s and Angus Steak Burgers, breakfast available all day long, and more fried options than you can shake a stick at, BB&Y has something for everyone to be tempted with and enjoyed.

On top of that the dining room has a close, warm cozy feel. We’ve set a Nautical Theme with a chandelier, stone fireplace, museum wall, leather sofas, skylights, plants, artwork, granite counter tops, and smiles. As dad always said, “If you can’t have fun, stay the hell home!” Our goal is to provide excellent service and wonderful food at an honest price to be valued by our customers and catering clients for many years to come.

BB&Y Cafe & Catering LLC continues doing business as a family operation as our business still remains in the same hands it has been in since 1988. We like to think of it as the old sitcom “Cheers”, where everybody knows your name, and you are treated like a part of the family. The only difference is that since July of 2007 it has been without the joy of working beside  my father Nick, as we lost him and miss his fun loving presence more than words can express. My mom Jonni and I have pushed on and continued the tradition with lots of memories to hold on to that will never be forgotten. His blood, sweat, and tears shaped this restaurant into what it is today.

With the help of my Mom we are striving for ongoing success, and together this past June, 2016, we reached quite the milestone. We have now surpassed 14,000 catered business luncheons and events! Our catering client list is very impressive. It is comprised of banks, credit unions, financial firms, insurance agencies, attorney firms, state agencies, architectural outfits, schools, clubs, customers’ homes, wake county divisions, city departments, tech companies, retail stores, hotels, special event locations, and more. Please contact me for references if any interest in having something catered, or stop by and meet me and mom in person at the restaurant.  We would love to have you, your family and friends. As always, we appreciate your business and support of our small family operation, and many thanks to all of our loyal customers and clients and hope to add you and yours to that list!